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When President Donald Trump hired John Bolton as his national security advisor, it came with a caveat: Bolton promised the President that he wouldn’t start any wars.

Bolton is already reneging on that pledge, as he is up to his old warmongering tricks. During an interview with CBS News, Bolton talked about the push for war in Iran. He is using the mess in Syria – where Iran is engaged with Israel in a proxy war – as a way to sell the public on a war in Iran.

“I think Iran is bringing us close to war with its belligerent activity in Iraq and Syria,” Bolton said on Wednesday. “It’s that aggressive militaristic behavior by Iran on the ground in the region that’s the real threat.”

It was just a little over a year ago when Bolton called for full regime change in Iran. He said that even if Iran complied with its end of the bargain, the regime must be toppled despite their compliant behavior.

“Even if somebody said to you that the regime was in full compliance with the nuclear deal, it doesn’t make any difference,” Bolton said.

Bolton also said there was no option but “to change the regime itself” and that it must be done by 2019. Now that he has risen to the role of national security advisor, Bolton has the power to make his timetable for regime change a reality.

But his boss is careful to say that he wants to negotiate with Iran and says that he wants a new deal that will be more favorable to both US and Iranian interests.

“I hope to be able to make a deal with them, a good deal, a fair deal — a good deal for them, better for them,” Trump said yesterday during a campaign rally in Indiana.

Trump will have to negotiate this new Iran deal with Bolton in his ear urging him to eschew diplomacy and good faith while repeating the mistakes of Iraq and Libya.


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