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During the inauguration in 2017, many Donald Trump supporters were viciously beaten by deranged anti-Trump leftist protesters. There are a total of 59 protesters who are being prosecuted currently for their role in the orgy of political violence that terrorized Washington DC, but transgender U.S. Senate hopeful Chelsea Manning wants them freed.

“She” appeared at a small rally on Friday in Washington D.C. organized by the organization, Defend J20 Resistance. Charges have been dropped for 129 of the people people who were originally charged, according to the organizers, but 59 people face up to 60 years in prison for their roles in the violent display. Manning was proceeded by several social justice advocates who took the stage before her.

“We recognize this trial as what it is. It’s an attempt to literally criminalize dissent,” said Chip Gibbons, a reporter at Defending Rights & Dissent who conveniently ignored the widespread violence and mayhem that occurred during the protests. “The prosecution in making their case has tried to turn journalism and protesting into elements of a criminal offense.”

The star of the rally took the stage and offered sentiments of solidarity to the protesters that she believes are political prisoners.

“We’ve been continually seeing people getting charged with felony offenses for standing up and fighting back,” Manning said of activists during the Trump era. “This is not about the J20 defendants so much as it is about everyone’s ability and right to be able to fight back.”

She was interviewed by journalist Ford Fischer of News2Share following the demonstration. The video can be viewed in full here:

“I’m not a politician. I’m an activist,” Manning said. “We all have power, and that’s why I always stand in solidarity with protesters who try to make a difference in their own way. That’s where the real power is. It’s not in a ballot. It’s in our own political agency every day.”

Apparently Manning believes that “political agency” involves attempted acid attacks, ambushing people with flag poles, and the masked destruction of property – all of which occurred during the Trump inauguration protests.

In addition to freeing criminals responsible for terrorist acts against Trump supporters, Manning also wants to abolish ICE, open up the borders, and close down prisons. Those positions are listed on her official Senate campaign website. She will challenge incumbent Ben Cardin and other competitors in Maryland’s U.S. Senate primary on June 26.


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