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Last weekend, progressive icon Chelsea Manning made headlines when she tweeted a picture of a pair of feet on the ledge of a tall building, along with a message in which she said that she was “sorry,” “not really cut out for this world,” and “couldn’t do it anymore,” prompting fears of a suicide attempt. Shortly after, however, these were removed, and her twitter account posted a new message stating that the transgender activist was safe.

Manning is currently running in the Democratic primary for US Senate against career politician Ben Cardin in her home state of Maryland. Her far-left platform includes closing prisons and freeing the incarcerated; doing away with borders; providing universal healthcare and basic income; and abolishing ICE.

In 2010, Manning was arrested for leaking over 700,000 classified documents to Wikileaks, obtained in her work as an intelligence analyst in Iraq. At the time, her name was still Bradley. She started her transition in prison, and was released in 2017 after President Obama commuted her sentence.

Her recent apparent suicide attempt, which tragically is not her first, shines a light on the terrible human cost of the transgender ideology. According to a 2014 study by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 42% of trans women and 46% of trans men attempt suicide, compared to only 4.6% for the general population, demonstrating the danger of the lifestyle.

While radical leftists like to respond to such sobering statistics by claiming that they are due solely to bigotry and discrimination in society, Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians, noted in an op-ed last year that even in the most welcoming environments, the trans suicide rate remains astoundingly high. In addition, there is much evidence to support the idea that it is not a lack of affirmation that drives such individuals to consider ending their lives, but rather the lifestyle itself and the result of society exalting a medical disorder rather than treating it.

Disturbingly, there also seems to be decreasing room for disagreement with the far-left even in the medical community, which stunts much-needed examination of the many possible negative effects of transgender acceptance and transitioning. This is especially insidious given that underage children have become the newest targets, despite good evidence that, in the past, treatment worked far better at young ages.

Currently, the American Psychiatric Association still classifies “gender dysphoria” as a mental disorder. Radical leftist activists who rabidly and unthinkingly push for the celebration of genuine disorders and clearly unhealthy lifestyles should seriously reconsider in the light of Manning’s own real-life example.



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