Alleged Parkland student David Hogg has been relentlessly demonizing law-abiding gun owners since a mass shooting last month took the lives of 17 of his supposed classmates. Hogg has refused to hold law enforcement accountable for standing down and allowing the massacre to take place while frequently repeating prepared leftist talking points meant to demonize supporters of the NRA and the 2nd Amendment.

Those who have pointed out Hogg’s connections to well-connected Democratic Party operatives have caught the ire of this mouthly child, who encourages his fellow travelers to incessantly yell ‘bullsh-t’ at critics.

“I don’t care,” Hogg said. “I don’t. I have bigger, more important things to focus on than these stupid conspiracies that aren’t true in any way, shape or form, have no validity, and don’t hold their weight. At all … these people are going to keep trying to take us down but that’s how we know what we’re doing matters … whenever someone tries making a change that matters, and a change for the better, there’s always someone that tried stopping them.”

Hogg openly bemoaned the lack of global censorship that allows people to actually levy criticisms toward him.

“I think this is somewhat of a problem with platforms, and it always will be, in the sense that you can’t control every single person that makes these things,” Hogg said at another point. “But the power in politics and the power in media lies with the advertisers and the people that actually give you money.”

And the power elite is aligned firmly behind Hogg and his hand-picked cohorts who have used their dead classmates as stepping stones for media stardom. After it was revealed that Hogg’s march was actually organized by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and the American Federation of Teachers, Hogg’s newest plan to astroturf a phony grassroots effort to spur Congressional town halls pushing gun control is being organized directly by operatives of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

David Hogg claims that his opponents have not “done their research” as he runs like a coward from fair and honest debate. In actuality, this dishonest bully is afraid to leave his carefully constructed facade for even a second as he wages war on behalf of his Democratic Party puppet masters against the Bill of Rights and Constitution.


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