Walled Lake, Michigan is a small suburban enclave about 30 miles outside of Detroit. It’s a quiet, affluent area, but is home to a dreadful local swamp where patriotic reformers routinely have their rights violated. A particularly egregious example has happened to a local activist who was booted from city council undemocratically last week.

Sue Helke, a former Walled Lake city councilwoman and dedicated Trump supporter, was unceremoniously ousted from her post on the Walled Lake city council on Feb. 1. She was duly elected, but that didn’t matter to her corrupt enemies. The mayor, city manager and their supporters on the council abused the city charter and effectively overthrew democracy with their decision.

And what was the reason for Helke’s ouster? An unsubstantiated allegation made by an intern closely affiliated with the city manager. This young woman accused Helke of using an obscenity against her, a claim that Helke denies, and that this somehow constituted sexual harassment and civil rights violations.

“The city manager was [at a parks meeting] with an intern, and I made the mistake of asking the city manager why the intern was there because she was not taking notes. He took offense at that,” Helke said, describing what happened to spur the complaints.

23-year-old community college student Miranda Gross filed the complaint. According to a ClickOnDetroit.com report, she played the victim by saying: “Although I am youthful looking, I am not a juvenile and I prefer not to be treated as such by any elected official. The offensive, unwanted, demeaning, humiliating conduct originally complained about came in the form of classless questioning by council member Helke.”

Helke was forced to lawyer up to defend her basic rights, costing her thousands of dollars. Ultimately, it didn’t matter. Her rights were taken away anyway, and the voters of Walled Lake have been nullified.

“My attorney just tore their case to shreds, proved that probably 99.9 percent of what they alleged was either a lie or happened before I got on city council, and city council ignored everything and voted to take me off city council so I am no longer a city councilperson,” Helke said to a group of astounded Republicans in Oakland County this week.

“They were the judge, jury and executioner,” Helke said.

Helke’s lone supporter on the city council, Gabriel Costanzo, worked with her on the Trump campaign in 2016. He describes the swamp of Walled Lake as a huge problem that is tainting the small community.

“I’ve had local police chiefs behind the scenes say that the city is corrupt. That you have issues in your city that are deeply entrenched,” Costanzo said.

Despite the struggle, Helke is not giving up on her fight. She is considering a court challenge, and may try to reclaim her lost seat in a future election or back principled folks to run for seats. We will continue to cover this corruption story as it develops.


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