Bars of gold and bug out bags must not be selling like they were during the Obama administration, as washed up talk radio and news personality Glenn Beck has joined the Russian conspiracy bandwagon.

Beck has drudged up his blackboard, a staple of his cancelled FOX News show that peaked during the height of tea party mania back in 2010, to weave together a nonsensical conspiracy theory tying Russia to the anti-globalist far right that is arising throughout the world.

Beck’s series of videos can be viewed here. In one video, Beck implies that the anti-globalist far right that is gaining momentum rapidly is worse than George Soros’ shadow network that he sounded the alarms on for nearly a decade.

“As dangerous as I thought the [Soros-run] Tides Foundation was to our Constitutional Republic, this is a threat to the entire world. This is the new Nazi movement,” Beck said.

The rise of the far right globally has been largely attributed to the effects of mass migration from the third world and the growing corruption and incompetence within neoliberal regimes that dominate the world, but Beck has concocted his own web of influence that centers around Aleksandr Dugin, an influential adviser of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Every influential extreme party in Europe appears to be connected to Russia in some way or another,” said Beck, who is apparently now in favor of the globalist new world order he once cried about frequently on live television.

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance was described by Beck as “a white supremacist [who’s] been very vocal about it for many years” and Richard Spencer of as “America’s new favorite Nazi.” Both men have never described themselves as white supremacists or Nazis, but that didn’t stop Beck from spinning his theory anyway.

Beck has fallen from grace after militantly opposing Trump throughout the 2016 presidential race so much so in fact that he now must grovel to Mark Zuckerberg and the mainstream media in order to stay afloat as Beck’s no-longer-relevant media company, The Blaze hemorrhages money rapidly.

It has become clear that Beck’s best days are far behind him. At this rate, it will only be a matter of time before Beck is back on CNN or Morning Zoo radio — where his rants against the “world national conservative movement” will be better appreciated.


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