Paul Manafort is the sacrificial lamb that FBI special investigator Bob Mueller needs in order to continue his ridiculous and expensive witch hunt against President Trump. And even if he is exonerated in his current case, Manafort will have to immediately face another trial on similar charges.

Trump’s former campaign chairman and influential long-time GOP lobbyist will be back in court in Washington D.C. in September. If he is convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison. Charges include five counts related to false income tax returns, four counts of not filing mandatory foreign bank account reports, four counts of bank fraud, and five counts of conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

Typically, the feds throw a litany of charges against a person when they want to break that individual and force them to cooperate. However, Manafort is not playing ball with these awful people and their sick game. He is fighting back head on, refusing to cooperate with Mueller’s biased partisan witch hunt, and maintaining his complete innocence every step of the way.

The case that is currently underway is taking place in Virginia, and Manafort could be locked away for life if he is found guilty on the charges. The trial has already become a farce with the presiding Judge reporting that he is being threatened and corporate media reporters trying to dox jurors presumably to intimidate them so they will find Manafort guilty.

The deep state is desperate to maintain their illicit power, and they are throwing everything but the kitchen sink toward crucifying Manafort – all to damage Trump and prevent America from being made great again.


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