While most Americans are relieved that tensions in the Koreas are subsiding after many decades of turmoil, the ‘America Last’ contingent of the Republican Party – the Neocons and Never Trumpers – are not so happy. These folks are angry that the US military will not be drawn into a new war in the orient and are frustrated that Trump’s diplomatic brilliance is making them look even worse.

A whole host of neoconservatives, including people who were instrumental in selling the US public on the second Iraq war, and Never Trumpers took to Twitter following Trump’s historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore last night to bemoan the President’s progress.

Max Boot of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) cried crocodile tears for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while whining about Trump’s chumminess with Kim Jong-un.

David French of National Review is one of the most fervent Never Trumpers out there. Woe was he on Monday night as Trump brought the house down in Singapore.

King Neocon himself, Bill Kristol, bemoaned ‘tyranny’ in his usual laughably hypocritical posturing.
Jennifer Rubin, who sometimes acts like a conservative when writing in the Washington Post, began to show signs of a serious mental breakdown.
John Podhoretz, the editor of formerly relevant Commentary Magazine, compared the President to Jesse Jackson as he feuded with conservative Trump supporters on Twitter.
Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire was an infamous Never Trumper who wanted Hillary in the oval office and openly waged war against Trump and Breitbart News in 2016. He has continued subverting Trump ever since.
Richard Haass is the President of the CFR and does not approve of Trump’s shift in policy. It not usual when the ultra-connected elites of the CFR don’t get their way
Jonah Goldberg, another National Review hack, wants the George W. Bush days to return so badly. Unfortunately for him, neocons are considered persona non grata in both major political parties these days.

David Frum, former George W. Bush speechwriter, should be in a jail cell for the atrocities he helped commit in Iraq. He’s never met a war he didn’t like.
The corporate think-tank crowd of the American Enterprise Institute and Heritage Foundation were also none too happy with President Trump’s North Korean success.

The ‘America Last’ crowd may be peeved, but that is only evidence that Trump is on the right track. The folks who were responsible for an Iraq War that Trump called the worst disaster in history have been neutralized, and the prospects for peace look far better as a result!


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