On July 4, income tax whistleblower Doreen Hendrickson will get to spend independence day with her family. After being ordered to perjure herself in the court of law, Hendrickson refused to surrender her principles and was forced to serve time in prison on a contempt charge as a result.

“WITH MUCH JOY I PICKED UP MY BEAUTIFUL BRIDE at the gates of the federal prison camp in Alderson, West Virginia,” her husband Pete wrote last month as she finally was returned home. “After five long years of abuse at the hands of deeply corrupt DOJ thugs and co-conspirators in the federal judiciary, Doreen’s ordeal is over.”

Years prior, Hendrickson was charged by the federal government for defying two court orders.

“One commanded Doreen to repudiate her previously-filed, sworn tax returns and replace them with new ones containing testimony dictated by the government,” her husband Pete said. “Doreen was ordered to swear to her personal belief in the testimony she was ordered to make and to conceal the fact that the returns she was ordered to make would be coerced and false.”

Pete Hendrickson wrote Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth about Taxation in America in 2003 to expose the little-known history of the income tax and the truth about its intended application. The IRS has been after him ever since, desperate to destroy his credibility so people turn away from the book. By compelling his wife to make a false statement, the courts hoped to use their power in order to discredit him. The Hendrickson family refused to play the feds’ twisted game and suffered mightily as a result of their stand.

“Never before in American history have the contents of a book been the subject of a deliberate misrepresentation in a formal legal filing by government officials,” Pete wrote. “Never before in American history have government officials asked a court to dictate the content of anyone’s testimony, or hang a threat over anyone should they testify in ways the officials don’t like in the future.”

A documentary video about the miscarriage of justice that happened to Mrs. Hendrickson in the court of law was produced in 2015 as well:

But Doreen’s ordeal has finally come to an end, as she has served her time. This doesn’t mean that the IRS has given up their war against the Hendrickson family. As they scramble to keep the truth from the public in the digital age where it is only a click away, the only way they can keep power is to malign and destroy whistleblowers.

Still, the Hendrickson’s remain undaunted as they continue their pursuit of liberty following in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers.

“Real Americans don’t accommodate fog, lies and a sliding scale of adherence to the rule of law,” Pete said. “Real American men and women stand up for the truth and the law, come what may, knowing that it is only by setting the bar at the top and enforcing it, come what may, that liberties are secured.”

More information about Pete’s work can be found at losthorizons.com.


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