Infowars host Alex Jones brought Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America on his show this afternoon to ask him about President Trump’s rhetorically shift on gun control. Pratt does not believe that Trump is bluffing and that this is an incredibly dangerous time for 2nd Amendment advocates.

“We’re still hoping that this is a faint the way it was in DACA and he’s ultimately going to spring the trap and the situation will be resolved, but it doesn’t sound that way,” Pratt said during the live broadcast.

Pratt has opposed the National Rifle Association for being too moderate for decades, and will continue to push forward despite their assurances. Trump recently wooed the NRA’s top lobbyist, and he released a tweet today indicating that Trump was back on board.

“We think this is a big, big deal, and we hope that people will continue as many times a day as they can manage to contact the White House,” Pratt said.

If Trump continues with his gun control push, Pratt believes that he can kiss his Presidency and any chances for electoral success in 2018 for Republicans goodbye. He believes that pushing gun control could ultimately destroy the GOP as a functioning political party.

“They’re going to get wiped out in the 2018 elections if this is what they brought to the table to the voters to judge them on,” Pratt said, adding that “this is an incredible betrayal.”

Pratt is still leaving the door open at least a crack for Trump to reverse course, but says that he is not optimistic. Jones has been one of Trump’s biggest backers but even he feels nauseous and believes Trump has been compromised at this point. His gut tells him that the globalists are causing him to flip under the pressure.

“He doesn’t seem to have a rudder because he doesn’t seem to be a conservative,” Pratt said.

Jones and Pratt encourage people to go to for the latest updates on how to push back against gun control and pressure the White House into firming its commitment for gun freedom.


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