Viral video out of Berkeley shows a Latina antifa berating a white antifa member as “inherently racist” because of his white DNA.

“You’re still white,” the woman yells at the man. “You’re still responsible. This is your fault. You’re inherently racist. It’s in your blood. It’s in your DNA.”

“I’m seriously telling you to do the work,” she barks. “Punch a Nazi. Stop being performative.”

The white Antifa guy squirms about how he’s been “f**king fighting for like three months” and puts himself at risk “all the time,” but only gets laughed at and mocked in return.

The incident happened in late August 2017 at Berkeley, California but a reupload of the video is currently going viral on Facebook, amassing over 820,000 views in just two weeks.

Leftists went on to stage a violent riot after the video was filmed.

This was originally published by Information Liberation.


  1. This is actually funny to me. Antifa is eating itself with the same divisions that it wants to bring on the rest of us. I’ve been reading news all day and this is the first genuinely funny thing I’ve encountered. 😉


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