After Mollie Tibbetts was gruesomely murdered by a vicious animal who was likely an illegal immigrant, the liberal left rushed to make excuses and sweep this tragedy under the rug.

When that failed and public anger persisted, they used their predictable fall-back: It’s the Rooskies!

The Independent recently published an article about a report claiming that the Rooskies are using Mollie Tibbets’ death to distract from the criminal cases of former Trump associated Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen:

“Russian accounts were pushing out stories focusing on Ms Tibbetts’ alleged murderer, according to an analysis conducted by the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD)…

The bipartisan group, which, according to its website, “develops comprehensive strategies to defend against, deter and raise the costs on Russian and other state actors’ efforts to undermine democracy and democratic institutions”, has tracked Kremlin-oriented influence operations on Twitter since August 2017.”

The advisory council of the ASD includes Mike Chertoff, the former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security who led the charge to get porno scanners installed in every airport throughout the country; David J. Kramer, who served in the state department for eight years under President George W. Bush; William Kristol, disgraced Never Trumper who is the infamous neocon cheerleader for endless wars; and John Podesta, Crooked Hillary’s right-hand man and suspected PizzaGate creep.

While these disgraced former political hacks are obviously biased and lacking in any semblance of credibility, that doesn’t stop the mainstream media from parroting their reports as if they are canon.

“I’m not remotely surprised,” the ASD’s social media analyst Bret Schafer told The Independent. “It’s almost as interesting to see what they haven’t been talking about compared to what they’re tweeting about right now.”

Even if a handful of Rooskies were tweeting information about Tibbetts, it doesn’t invalidate the anger of millions of ordinary Americans over this murder that could have been easily prevented if American immigration laws were actually enforced.

And besides: if the Rooskies are concerned about key national security issues that are important to the safety of the United States, why should we resent their influence? Perhaps we should work closely with Putin’s Russia to make sure that American neocons are crushed into the ground before their globalist, war-mongering, open borders agenda damages the United States further.


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