Last year, a movement began for Mosques and other religious centers across America to shelter illegal immigrants as they were being targeted by President Donald Trump as apart of his plan to enforce the law.

“We really have to stand strong in the face of the bigoted forces that are targeting our communities,” Imam Omar Suleiman, a bilingual professor of Islamic Studies at Southern Methodist University, said according to the Dallas News. This was apart of a joint announcement with inter-faith religious leaders across the nation.

But a little over a year later, the Imam is changing his tune and is standing strong no more. He no longer wants to give illegal immigrants shelter in Mosques, and is backing away from his rhetoric last year.

“So I think that announcing yourself as a sanctuary has its implications, whether you’re a mosque, a church, a synagogue, or anything,” Suleiman said during an interview with National Public Radio of New Hampshire.

Suleiman still believes a massive injustice is being committed. He told NPR, “I think the tools that have been employed against immigrants are the same tools that have been employed against refugees, which are the same tools that have been employed against the Muslim community as a whole, which is the dehumanization — the ‘otherizing’ — that allows people to subconsciously accept this idea that we somehow do not deserve the same level of dignity and respect and liberty that everybody else does.”

Despite believing that a heinous injustice is taking place, he will do nothing to stop it. To explain away his flip-flop, Suleiman attempted to play the victim. He claims without evidence that Mosques sheltering illegal immigrants would embolden white right-wing terrorism.

“You know, there are other ways to express solidarity and support but announcing your particular mosque as a sanctuary could potentially endanger that particular Muslim community and then obviously the immigrants themselves that would seek shelter would be under that intensified scrutiny,” he said.

Refugee watchdog Ann Corcoran posted a picture of Suleiman mingling with anti-white Jihad enthusiast Linda Sarsour and offered a tongue-in-cheek comment on her blog. She said, “I am going to assume that since South African blacks are “otherizing” white farmers… that the good Imam would support moving those white South African Christians to America.”


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