Alleged Parkland, FL shooting survivor David Hogg apparently came out of the closet this week, after he released a picture with a same-sex classmate on social media with the caption “Prom 2018.” This caused many of his mindless fans to shower him with praise for his announcement.

But Hogg’s parents are denying that there is any hanky panky going on between their son and his partner, Cameron Kasky.

David’s mom, Rebecca Boldrick said to TMZ that her son has another date for prom. Cameron’s parents are also denying that their son and David Hogg are an item, although they do admit that the pair in fact love each other.

“Cameron and David love each other very much, as do the 20 or so other kids that are part of their group, but not in a romantic type of way,” Cameron’s dad, Jeff Kasky said to TMZ.

Hogg and Kasky have become national figures as they have gone on a media tour following the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, FL. Instead of focusing on the FBI who ignored the threat or the county police who stood down as the shooting took place, these children have instead focused their ire on the National Rifle Association and proponents of the 2nd Amendment.

For promoting this prepackaged narrative at the behest of the Democratic Party, these kids have been rewarded with fame and adulation. The 17 dead of the Parkland massacre have been the vehicle for the stardom of these young media whores who look to be straight out of central casting.

Regardless of whether or not Kasky and Hogg are homosexual lovers preparing for a prom night romance, they will continue to push for the Bill of Rights to be shredded and for law-abiding gun owners to have their freedom and their safety ripped away from them by force in the months to come.


  1. David you don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about.. You are being paid off to run your mouth! And this article.. I believe it!


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