The Parkland, FL mass shooting set off a raging debate on gun control – with students such as Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg using their dead classmates as props for their 15 minutes of fame as crusaders to destroy the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

While these fame-seeking media whores have dominated coverage by the liberal media, the real story is how the cops at the school stood down and allowed the children to be shot. The Parkland survivors who aren’t interested in using the tragedy for stardom have filed a federal lawsuit in order to get answers and raise awareness of this scandal.

The 15 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who filed the lawsuit have named Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, BSO Capt. Jan Jordan, school monitor Andrew Medina, and Broward Superintendent Robert Runcie among the defendants.

“Some of my friends who were killed that day weren’t able to go to those events,” said Audrey Diaz, an 18-year-old plaintiff traumatized by the events, said during a news conference. “We thought we were safe at school and would always be protected.”

But they weren’t protected because Sheriff Israel refused to do his job. The Hillary Clinton supporter reportedly ordered personnel to stand down and allow the children to be slaughtered by psychopathic shooter Nicholas Cruz. His own deputies gave him an embarrassing vote of no confidence in April, but he refuses to step down amidst the controversy.

“I don’t think there is a man or woman in this county who can keep Broward County safer than I can,” Israel said. “I’m proud to be the sheriff and I plan to continue on being the sheriff.”

Attorney Solomon Radner hopes to put Israel, who still refuses to take any responsibility for what happened, in his place and prevent law enforcement from being derelict in their duties in the future.

“This is a shot at specific law enforcement officials who failed the students on that particular day,” he said. “Law enforcement choked and the goal of this lawsuit is to ensure that this never happens again. If they choke and they cause people to die, they will have to face the music.”

There is still a great deal of information being withheld from the public related to the shooting, according to a Sun Sentinel report. This information includes surveillance footage of the high school on the day of the shooting as well as killer Nicholas Cruz’s confession letter. This information is expected to be released to the public as lawsuits continue to be filed in the aftermath of the massacre. 51 people have already filed notices of intent to file lawsuits related to the horrendous events of Parkland.


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