President Donald Trump has been at odds with Silicon Valley as they attempt to censor and de-platform his most influential supporters, but he has maintained one influential ally in the tech sector: Peter Thiel, the billionaire venture capitalist who broke the mold to jump on the Trump train back in 2016.

Thiel has maintained his support for Trump throughout his presidency, but has been relatively tight-lipped about his day-to-day operations. He recently spoke with FOX Business where he opened up about the Trump presidency and explained why his support of the man has not wavered.

“I fully understand why people think of President Trump as a rude, mean person. But I think that’s often better than telling beautiful lies about the way the country is working,” Thiel said.

Thiel also referred to the Republicans who Trump upstaged as “zombies” because they never deviate from the script prepared for them by lobbyists and consultants.

“I got to meet a lot of people running for president on the US Republican side in 2016 and they all felt like zombies,” Thiel said. “They couldn’t say anything different other than programmed ideological soundbites.”

Thiel believes that Trump was a “a very healthy corrective to that” and believes that the American people will give Trump another four years in 2020 if he decides to run for president again.

“I think that if he runs again, he will get re-elected,” Thiel said. “He’ll make a judgment. And if he thinks he can get re-elected, he will run. And if he runs, I think he will win.”

The mainstream media creates the perception that everyone who supports Trump is a Russian bot, or at least an unsophisticated rube, but Thiel proves that generalization to be wrong. Trump will have a massive and diverse constituency behind him for 2020, and that is what terrifies the liberal media the most!


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