After the liberal media released a hit piece on Washington state YouTube star James Allsup, the Republican Party jumped to do the bidding of their opposition and denounce the man. First, it was the Republican National Committee, then, it was Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. And now the Whitman County GOP is set to make a mockery of their own process to keep Allsup from being seated as precinct committee officer.

“The executive committee is going to meet and see if we have the ability to not seat him,” says Art Swannack, who works as a Whitman County Commissioner and a committeeman for the county GOP. “My understanding is he won the election, but the party has the right to choose whether or not we have to seat him.”

“I’m concerned with most of the things that James Allsup has said since the Charlottesville incident,” Swannack says. “I don’t believe he represents the Republican party.”

Swannack is committed to overthrowing the established process – a Soviet-style power-grab – to satisfy his leftist mainstream media masters. Swannack is receiving massive institutional support in his crusade to keep young nationalist voices shut out of the party.

“We condemned this hateful ideology before, we condemn it today and will continue to condemn it in the future,” said John Brabb, who is the current Washington State Republican Party Chairman.

Rep. McMorris Rodgers even went on Facebook to virtue-signal, releasing a long post assuring all Washington voters that she was firmly committed to liberal values despite serving as a Republican.

“I was disappointed today when I heard the news that James Allsup is being allowed to represent the Whitman County GOP. I don’t have a relationship with him, but I know what he stands for. His actions and words do not reflect the values of the Republican party or Eastern Washington,” she said.

“Over the past year and half, I’ve held Unity Dinners and Peaceful Community Roundtables to discuss difficult issues and strengthen the bonds that unite us. Our goals are to move from poverty to opportunity; from racism to gracism; and from divisiveness to unity,” she said.

Allsup issued a reply containing more than empty platitudes that has already received nearly 150 likes from onlookers. He skewered her by saying:

It’s disappointing to see spineless Republicans cower in fear to leftists, all because they’re afraid of mean comments from journalists that hate them anyways.

Cathy, I am fighting for the things your voters elected you to fight for: America first trade policies, an end to illegal immigration, and a shutdown of immigration that hurts American workers.

Unfortunately, through your support for DACA and inaction on illegal immigration, you’ve shown yourself to be more loyal to the political class than the working class you depend on for votes.

Your failure, and the failure of the GOP establishment- the same people that tried their hardest to stop President Trump from getting elected- is why people are turning to “further right,” genuinely pro-American voices like myself.

Allsup is being profiled by the liberal media because he attended the Charlottesville, VA ‘Unite the Right’ rally-turned-riot last year. While that rally may have turned into complete bedlam, it was initially a lawful rally where the organizers received the necessary permits for it to take place. Setting the precedent where individuals are undemocratically stripped of their elected posts due to participating in a lawful political protest is a dangerous one. Nevertheless, Allsup remains undaunted in the face of this bipartisan establishment backlash against his unabashedly pro-American beliefs.

“What the Republicans need to understand is that no amount of apologizing will ever win you favor or acceptability from the leftist elites. You will always be their enemy- they will always be waging war against you, your families, your values, and your way of life,” Allsup said.

“You may be scared of “identity politics,” or labels like “nationalist” and “identitarian.” But unlike the so-called conservatives, who merely pretend to care about your interests to get yiur vote, American nationalists and identitarians are ones willing to risk everything- social status, financial status, and sometimes even our lives- to protect our nation,” he said.



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