Alt-right leader Richard Spencer was scheduled to speak today at 4:30 pm EST at Michigan State University but that has since been delayed after street clashes in East Lansing between white nationalist and communists have already resulted in several arrests.

Spencer wrote on his Twitter account: “I’m delaying my talk until 5 PM due to chaos outside. We will live-stream my remarks. Hold tight for updates. Police have told me situation is now under control.” The speech is expected to begin any minute now.

Spencer’s associate, Gregory Conte was filmed being arrested outside of the venue. Conte is the Director of Operations for Spencer’s National Policy Institute who was recently fired from his job at a Maryland private school after his identity was revealed and hosts a podcast with Spencer. It is currently unknown exactly why he was arrested.

Matthew Heimbach, leader of the Traditionalist Workers Party who helped organize ‘Unite the Right’ in Charlottesville, VA last year, was filmed in a scuffle around media officials that is up on Twitter. The footage can be viewed here and here. While cops were arresting white nationalists trying to get into the event, they were seen backing down from communist agitators. There were reportedly hundreds of protesters outside of the event, and attendees are still being escorted in as it is scheduled to begin.

We will continue to provide updates, including quotes from Richard Spencer’s speech, as soon as it is available. The speech is being streamed here.


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