CREDIT: FOX 32 Chicago

While feminists may whine about rape culture, male dominance and other cultural Marxist tropes, they are far less concerned about the trend of women making false rape accusations against men. One teenaged woman goes on trial this month being accused of this crime, and it could be a game changer in the ongoing struggle for men’s rights.

Nikki Yovino, 19, attended Sacred Heart University, and prosecutors are arguing that she made falsified rape accusations to gain sympathy from another man who she wanted to date. She is being charged with felony evidence tampering and misdemeanor falsely reporting an incident.

The two men accused of the vicious crime were football players at the university who were forced to drop out of the school as a result of rape allegations from Yovino. According to a FOX 32 Chicago report, they are considering filing a lawsuit against Yovino for damages at the present time.

Yovino’s defense attorneys maintain that police put words into her mouth. If the jury does not buy that argument and convicts Yovino, it may turn the tide against the national epidemic of false accusations against men that is being fueled by the modern women’s liberation movement. Feminists have even made heroes of women who falsely accused men of rape in recent years. One such victim, an African-American male, served many years in prison before finally having his name cleared and later went on to play in the NFL:

The courts have to stop this gynocentric push for female dominance before even more innocent men have their lives destroyed.


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