President Donald Trump is getting sick and tired of Congress refusing to fund his border wall. He may even push for a government shutdown during an election year, consequences be damned, if it means getting the necessary funds to keep dangerous third-world criminals out of this country.

“I don’t see even myself or anybody else closing down the country right now… I don’t like the idea of shutdowns.” Trump said to the Daily Caller earlier this week.

However, Trump makes it clear that a government shutdown is not off the table. He is willing to let the government shutdown if it means making serious progress on the border wall.

“If it happens, it happens. If it’s about border security, I’m willing to do anything. We have to protect our borders,” Trump told reporters on Wednesday.

The deadline to pass new government spending is Sept. 30. Trump still has a few weeks to maneuver and negotiate to secure the best deal possible moving forward. Trump previously signed a profligate bill that he claimed he would never do again as President. The legislation cost $1.3 trillion dollars and contained many crony giveaways that Trump campaigned against in 2016.

The President was out-gamed by the swamp for that Omnibus spending bill, to be sure. The time has come for Trump to live up to his word. The God Emperor must offer an ultimatum to the do-nothing Republican Congress: pass a bill funding the border wall or endure a government shut-down that may cost you your seat.


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