Over the past few months, the Draconian push for Big Brother corporate censorship has reached a fever pitch. The Left is trying to censor and de-platform all conservative, right-wing voices, and their Orwellian push may have an impact on November’s crucial mid-term elections.

President Donald Trump is fully aware of the ramifications and is moving quickly as a result. After issuing a series of Tweets on the issue of political bias on social media, he posted a Tweet yesterday (and even pinned it at the top of his page for a brief period) featuring a brief video about Google with the hashtag #StopTheBias.

The video shows how Google promoted the State of the Union Address while Obama was in office but conspicuously stopped after Trump was elected. This is just one of myriad ways that Google is manipulating public opinion against conservatives.

Other prominent media officials and political figures are also using the #StopTheBias hashtag – in a campaign that will likely lead to measures taken at the federal level to protect free speech and open expression on the Internet.

Google is getting backed into a corner by Trump, who has a variety of options he could pursue to bring the company and other tech giants to heel. He could nationalize the corporation or declare it a public utility, but those moves could have negative impacts that set a far-reaching precedent hurting American free enterprise.

Perhaps a more prudent idea would be to change the rules exempting entities like Facebook, Twitter and Google from being liable for what users post on their platforms. If these entities want to behave like partisan publishing entities, it is time to treat them as such. These monolithic corporations ought to abide by the 1st Amendment to receive the special exemption. This would cut Big Brother down to size in the least invasive way possible.


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