President Donald Trump has said frequently that US forces are set to leave Syria. Of course, many convenient attacks have been launched that have allowed the mainstream media to demonize Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – making the peace process much more difficult.

But it seems like a corner has been turned, as Trump is working closely with Russian President Vladimir Putin to secure stability the region. As a result, the state of Israel has reversed course and embraced the Syrian leadership, and US forces are on the verge of finally leaving Syria.

The only caveat for the Syrians is that the Assad regime must evict Iranian troops from their country for this deal to work. Syria and Iran have been strategic partners for years, having been targeted by globalist US presidential administrations for regime change similar to what happened in Libya and Iraq. This has been a frequent cause of tension between Syria and Israel, who sees Iran as the top threat to their national security.

With Trump and Putin fully united behind getting Iran out of Syria, there has never been a better time to get the Islamic troops out of the region. This will also dovetail into Trump’s negotiations for a new Iran deal after Obama’s deal was rendered null and void by the new president.

The Iranians are, as expected, angry with the United States for attempting to evict them from Syria. They are claiming that they will not be bullied by Trump into retreating from sovereign nations.

“Iran will help Syria in clearing minefields in different parts of the country… Iran will help Syria to rebuild the military factories that were damaged in the war,” Iranian Brigadier-General Abolqasem Alinejad said.

Iran claims that a recent agreement with Syria will keep their forces in the region for a long time, but these deals are not written in stone – as they should have learned from Trump. The ultimate deal-maker is still on the prowl and still has the leverage on the Iranians.

Syria would be wise to work with Putin and Trump instead of the radically Islamic mullahs of Iran moving forward.


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