The world was rocked off its axis this weekend with news of another Syrian chemical strike that supposedly killed dozens. Israel has already launched missile strikes and U.S. forces have vowed retaliation as well, but the United Nations cannot even prove that the attack even happened.

“We’re not in a position at this point to independently verify the allegations [about the alleged chemical attack in Douma], but, obviously, any allegation of continued use of chemical weapons is extremely, extremely troubling,” Stephane Dujarric, who serves as spokeswoman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, said on Monday evening.

The alleged chemical attack can be viewed here:

Syrian President Bashir al-Assad and his regime denies any role in the alleged chemical attacks. The Russians corroborate the Syrian government’s story, and believe the attack was either a false flag meant to frame Assad. They warned of such an attack being planned weeks in advance.

“If, under the pretext of a lack of security guarantees, those who employ anti-Russian arguments to pursue their Russophobic aims do not allow experts to come, then it will be a verdict on their true plans and show that they have no interest in establishing the truth,” Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said.

The United States is calling on the UN to pass a strongly worded resolution of condemnation against the Assad regime, blaming them for the recent chemical attack. The resolution displays “outrage that individuals continue to be killed and injured by chemical weapons” throughout Syria and calls for “those responsible” for the attacks to be “held accountable.” Russia wants a serious investigation before the UN moves forward with a resolution.



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