The Head of Internal Security at the US Embassy in London is making a shocking claim – that he was fired for ‘inciting racial hatred’ and ‘supporting violent and fascist movements’ after attending protests in favor of former British political prisoner and patriotic activist Tommy Robinson.

James Johnson, 30, began working at the US embassy in London over five years ago starting as a doorman and working his way up to head of security. Despite his apparent record of hard work and excellence, he lost his job due to his support of Robinson.

Robinson was jailed earlier this year after whistleblowing about Muslim child grooming gangs in Britain, a story that the mainstream media and British government were conspiring to cover up. His persecution immediately made him a national patriotic icon and a worldwide symbol of anti-globalist fervor.

Johnson is not pleased over this persecution. He is “shocked and disgusted” that he would be treated in such a manner for merely engaging in civic action.

“How can an American employee in a senior position – who should be protected by the Constitution – be fired for their political views and activities?” Johnson askedKipper Central.

“It’s shocking that the American Embassy can get away with this disgusting attack on free speech – especially when it is in direct opposition to their Constitution,” he said.

Johnson provided pro-Brexit blog Kipper Central with access to his termination letter. In the letter, the Embassy’s employment officer made incredibly demeaning comments indicating that Johnson is a terrorist threat of some sort for holding patriotic sentiments.

“Your attendance at rallies and demonstrations showed a level of commitment to those feelings that goes far beyond passing agreement, which indicates a level of potential harm in the future,” the employment officer wrote.

“We understand you will be frustrated and no doubt angry, but this was a clear violation of the preset guidelines for the Embassy’s working atmosphere, and we do not accept responsibility for the situation you are now in,” he added.

Johnson has appealed the decision several times, but has been rejected each time. The message is clear: all patriotic individuals are to be purged from key government positions.

“I’ve gone from being a respected member of a relatively high profile security team, from being someone that others would come to with their problems for advice or moral support, to being the man that no one will dare interact with or even be friends with online,” Johnson said.

Although Johnson’s gutless colleagues may have turned their backs on him, Tommy Robinson is speaking out in favor of his beleaguered supporter.

“All of my protests are about freedom, justice and the truth. They are not about race,” Robinson said to Kipper Central.

“In fact, we have had diverse speakers of all different races and sexualities standing by our side to challenge the systematic mass rape of British girls and to defend our right to free speech,” Robinson said. “This firing is simply another excuse to silence, damage and bankrupt those of us who have the guts to speak the truth.”

Johnson has created a fundraiser page in the mean time to help him pay his bills while being effectively exiled for his beliefs. He is pessimistic about his chances to return to his job in security protecting the nation he loves.

“I’ve got one last shot of appealing to the Governor in the US who technically signs off on all our employment contracts, but honestly I don’t feel confident at all,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s one final hope is that his story catches the attention of President Donald Trump, who might appreciate a patriotic hard-working individual working to protect the security of his government.


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