Last Thursday, a California judge handed Twitter a humiliating loss when he rejected their petition to dismiss a lawsuit filed against them by Jared Taylor, a prominent white nationalist who heads the New American Century Foundation and operates the news/commentary outlet American Renaissance. In the judge’s words, the case “goes to the heart of free speech principles that long precede our constitution” and it is “hard to imagine a clearer public interest lawsuit.”

Taylor filed suit against Twitter for permanently suspending his two accounts, as part of a wave of permanent removals that the company carried out purely based on political ideology. The lawsuit also argues that access to Twitter could be seen as a necessity to exercise one’s speech in the modern age. Judge Harold Kahn ruled that since Twitter had publicly promoted itself as a free speech platform that would not arbitrarily censor users, it was disingenuous for the corporation to claim that it had a First Amendment right to do exactly that.

The judge also asked Twitter’s lawyers if their logic meant they could arbitrarily refuse service to a person based on their gender or race, to which the lawyers admitted that they did see it that way. Judge Kahn said that they do not actually have such a right.

Taylor describes himself as a “race realist” and a “white advocate.” His lawsuit includes the statement that “at all times, Mr. Taylor has expressed his views with respect and civility. At no time did Mr. Taylor or American Renaissance engage in insults, threats, or harassment, nor did they ever encourage anyone else to engage in such activity.” Judge Kahn noted that that his complaint was “very eloquent.”

Twitter now has 30 days from Thursday to respond to Taylor’s accusations.

American Renaissance announced the development from their Gab account, and encouraged fans to continue to support them in the fight for their constitutional freedom of speech.


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